Apply to the 2018 China Study Abroad Trip

Application review begins 12/8/18

Program Overview

The GECP China Study Abroad Trip is a two-week study abroad exchange program for undergraduate students from the Department of Teacher Education at MSU.   This program, sponsored by the department and the College of Education, is designed to provide future educators an opportunity to learn about and study the educational system and culture in China and in the United States, and to develop global perspective on and competence in teaching and learning through educational and cross-cultural experiences in China.  This program was first launched in the summer of 2009, and has continuously run for six years.

Why you should consider the China Study Tour

Program Structure and Design

This study abroad trip offers participants rich educational and cultural experiences. Education related experiences include visits to local K-12 schools, universities, and other educational spaces, debriefing with local teachers, school administrators, and policy makers, and student teaching in a Chinese classroom.  Trip participants will be spending a majority of their time visiting schools three cities in China–Beijing (the capital of China), Xingtai (a smaller city near Beijing), and Chongqing (a city in southwest China).  Most of their days will be spent doing classroom observations and interacting with students and teachers.  Participants will also have the opportunity to teach a lesson in a Chinese class in Beijing.  Participants will also have the opportunity to attend lectures on education systems in China.

Another important part of the program is “buddy relationships”.  In Beijing, the program will be hosted by Beijing Normal University (BNU).  Each MSU student is assigned a BNU undergraduate student teacher who is selected to work with MSU students during their visit to Beijing.  These student-to-student or “buddy relationships” are an integral part of the program and provide an essential support system for learning about and experiencing the language, culture and history of China.  Over meals and other shared experiences, conversations about language, culture and education systems contribute to a deeper understanding of China and its history.

Visits to cultural sites and activities in local communities at each of the cities are also important components of this trip.

Two faculty from the College of Education, Dr. David Wong and Dr. Jiahang Li, together with Ms. Wanfei Huang, a doctoral student, will lead the 2018 China Study Abroad Trip.  If you have any questions related to the trip, please contact any (or all) of them via email.

Dr. David Wong:

Dr. Jiahang Li:

Wanfei Huang:

Dates:  Two weeks in May 2018 (specific dates TBA)

Program Fee: Estimated at $2,000 (final amount TBA)

What’s Included:

  • Participants’ contribution will approximately cover the round trip airfare from Detroit, MI to China, and the fee for applying visa to go to China;
  • With the funding support from the College of Education and the participants’ contributions, the program will cover
    • Round trip airfare from Detroit to China;
    • Lodging;
    • Most of the meals;
    • Domestic transportation in China;
    • Admission fees to cultural cites


  • Only members of the Global Educators Cohort Program are eligible for this program;
  • Must be in good standing in the program.

Program Requirements:

  • Pre-Trip Requirements: In Spring 2018, participants are required to attend all pre-trip orientation sessions organized by the trip leaders, and do a modest amount of reading in preparation for these sessions;
  • During-Trip Requirements: Participate in all activities in-country (including site visits, reflection meetings, etc.);
  • Post-Trip Requirements: Participants are required to complete a project reflecting on the experiences after the trip; During the Fall semester following the program, participants are required to participate in hosting activities when BNU buddies visit MSU in October.

For more information: Fill out this form to be added to our email list.

Apply here:  Complete the online application to apply.



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